Limes Farm - Environmentally Friendly Holiday Cottages

Eco Friendly Holiday Cottages

At Limes Farm we work hard to ensure we offer eco friendly holiday accommodation and we try to make our impact on the local environment beneficial. We have been awarded the Green Tourism Gold Award and are proud to offer sustainable holiday accommodation within the Norfolk Broads.

We have installed woodburners in all the holiday cottages, which are carbon neutral, and all the properties are warmed by Geothermal heating using the natural heat from underground (we took the opportunity to install the mass of pipework needed under the gardens during our building work).

Where possible we've incorporated solar PV panels on the roof space to provide electricity and we reinstated the thatched roof on the farmhouse and cottage using traditional Norfolk reed, which is by nature very insulating. We have also added lots of insulation and wooden double glazed windows to keep heat loss to a minimum. We have used reclaimed materials where ever possible in our renovations of the holiday cottages, including Norfolk pamment tile flooring (from an old dairy), beams from an old Norfolk barn, and refurbished furniture.

Eco Holidays

We have installed an electric vehicle charge point (EV charge point) which is a fast charge type 2, for guests' use. We have utilised 'bioverse' carbon neutral paving for parking areas and used permeable landscaping materials wherever possible.

All the lighting uses low energy bulbs and our applicances have all been selected for their energy efficiency. We have chosen a 'green' electricity supplier so all our electric is 100% green.

Much of our water comes from a borehole and a well in the garden, although we still use the mains for drinking water. All the cleaning products that we use are eco friendly which support the good bacteria in our bio sewage treatment plant. We collect rainwater for watering the planting around the holiday cottages.

Green Holidays Norfolk

We actively encourage our guests to join us in recycling waste and we also have an extensive composting system in place to produce compost for the holiday cottage gardens. We have selected plants for the garden which require minimal watering once established and we favour drought resistant plants for pots.

Since moving to Limes Farm we have planted all our boundaries with a mixed native hedgerow, replanted a holly hedge and reinstated an old yew hedge.

We found out the paddock was once an orchard, so in 2013 we planted 15 apple trees, 5 cherry trees, 3 plum trees & 4 nut trees to enjoy in future years. We also planted 150 willows for Biomass Coppicing which now means we provide home grown kindling for the woodburners.

We have incorporated nesting boxes for Bats, Owls and Swallows and have several wild flower areas in our paddock and on our banks, along with a nectar bar area of garden, specifically designed to encourage butterflies. We have established a 'bug hotel' to increase our biodiversity and support the ecology of the Norfolk Broads which surround us.

Limes Farm Holidays and Love the Broads

We are proud to be part of Love the Broads, an organisation involving local businesses in the Broads area and administered by the Broads Trust. Love the Broads is a visitor giving scheme, based around raising awareness and inspiring support for projects endeavouring to support the fragile and beautiful environments of The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, often referred to as a 'magical waterland'. Funds raised help to ensure this unique and amazing place, together with its surrounding landscape and heritage, is maintained and kept special for future generations.